Facebook contains two types of advertisements. Banner ads and sponsored stories. If these ads annoying you and you want to get rid of ads, then there are solutions…

For blocking ads in browsers, two solutions are available.

    1. Using addons or extensions 
    2. Using scripts

Of this two methods, using scripts is better. It helps to load your browser faster.

  • Using addons or extensions

There is an addon called F.B Purity. It will help you to block Facebook advertisements. If you have enough addons already, leave this method and go to scripting method.

Download F B Purity from here for chrome, firefox and safari. It doesn’t have Internet Explorer extension. Similar type of Internet Explorer extensions are available for blocking Facebook ads.

  • Using Scripts 

For installing scripts, you need another addon called Grease Monkey, for Firefox. Install it by going this link. For chrome you need another extension instead of Grease Monkey. Its name is Tamper monkey. Go to chrome web store, search by its name and install it. Use Trixie for Internet Explorer.
 After installing Grease Monkey or Tamper monkey or Trixie, you have to install scripts for Facebook ad killer. Go to the website (as shown in the below figure), there is a install button on top right. Click it and install it. Then go to Tools > Addons. There would be a separate tab called Grease Monkey. Click it, we can see our installed scripts. The Facebook ad killer would be there.

Installation of script from userscripts.org

Its the time to verify…

No more Ads

Time’s up.. Now check it.. Give me feedbacks here.

I prepared a tutorial in YouTube. View the tutorial..

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