Yoututbe advertisements can be removed using two methods. This guide describes advantages and disadvantages of these two methods and how?…

In every minute, about 60 hours of videos are uploaded in to the YouTube. It is getting 4,000,000,000 page views a day. YouTube is “notoriously” famous.Google uses its adsense ads for monetizing YouTube. Similar ways of Facebook ads removal methods can be used for YouTube also. There are two methods which can be used used for ad blocking.

  • Using addons/extensions
  • Using Scripts

Using Addons/Extensions

For blocking Google adsense, we just needs an addon called adblock plus. It is available for Firefox and Google chrome. For internet explorer users, go to this website and install the adblock list. No need of installing an addon or extension.

Using Scripts

Using scripts is the best method. For initial configuration, you need to install one addon/extension. After installing this addon, go to this website, and click on install of the top right menu. This is an auto buffer, auto HD and ad remover. We can set our default resolution. It will helps to auto stop, but starts buffering. The main advantage is, it removes ads. 
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