Most of us are blogging for revenues. But using ads in early stages of your blog prevents from growing. Here is why..

Revenue using blogger

Most of us blogging for making it as a source of income. But what happens if we start displaying ads in the first day?. Some simple points make you think..

Non-related ads in your blog

When you are putting a Google’s ad in your blog, bots are scanning your content and puts related ads in your blog. But your blog is relatively new and not much content is there. This will result in some unwanted ads which will waste your space.

less content means less targeted ads

Bad impression

Some your readers may be serious readers and they are coming for some information. If they find ads, they’ll get a bad impression (I had this feeling when I was just a reader, some of you may not care). This will result in losing your potential readers.

Directing readers out(I mean clicking on ads)

That’s true. Clicking on ads means losing the reader. You may get some money, but that may not be sufficient for what you lose, especially in first days. In early stages, it is very crucial to get readers.

Readers are assets, not only in early stage

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