There are hundreds of bloggers who are successful in their field. On the other side there are millions of blogs which have less than 50 posts. What happens to them?

Stop blog

Yes, we know that. They stops the process and went for other business. Why?. Because they are frustrated, disappointed and stopped the blog. The thing you are driving in this field is not only passion but also hope. They lost their passion because of “no hope”.

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What happens to their hope

We are writing our blog for readers. If some one reading and commenting on blog, that is the success of the blog. If very less people are coming to your blog, there are reasons for that. Most of the first readers of your blog will be from search engines. If your blog posts are not visible in search results, readers are not coming to you. Why your blog is not appearing in search engine like Google?. Your blog is search engine optimized, still not appearing. Yes there is a ‘unique’ reason for that..

‘Unique’ VS ‘copied’

Unique content always gets readers

Your posts not discussing about unique content. It may not copied content, but the same topic discussed by some other old blogs. So your posts won’t be there on first page of results. Most search engine users won’t go to the second page of the results. They just picks up first result and read that post. Unique content is the important thing you should remember about on your first days of blogging. The more unique is your content, the more readers will come to you and the passion arises to the sky level.

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