Alt and Title tags in images are best way to describe an image to a search engine. How to use these tags with Blogger, when to use and how they are affecting search engine optimization?

alt and title tags on blogger

Images are one of the best way to drive traffic to your blog. Using content related images in your post helps you to rank better in search results. How does Google determine the content and Image are related? Are they using any technique to find out image descriptions?

Actually No.. Everything is in your hand. Here we have to specify Alt tag and Title tag. What are those tags?

Alt tag

Alt tag describes the alternative text for an image. Consider a browser which can’t display an image. What does happen for an image there?

The alternative text would be displayed there. So they are the alternative of an image. Search engines also take account of this to their algorithms. They consider alt tags for describing the image. Always use alt tag inside the img tag. Select HTML mode in blogger editor and edit the images as below.(#)


An important thing is don’t give the title of page as your alt text. Because search engine is seeing the same text over and over. That’s a bad impression. Read the discussion about this topic.

Title tag

The actual use of title tag is to describe the link in a web page. If your image is linking into the source image or any other website, use title with this link. The format of the usage is below.


We don’t need a title tag if the image is not a link. The alt tag is the most important tag in the case of Blogger SEO because they are the alternative of an image and search engines are taking these text as the description of the image.

Length of the alt text should be small, but for the title tag there is no limit.

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