Blogger strengthened Google plus integration by adding a tab to the dashboard. Now we can create and associate page to a blogger by this update.

Tight integration between g+ and blogger

Blogger introduced Google plus tab in Blogger. Using this tab, we can associate different blogs to different pages. If you didn’t choose the Google plus profile as your default profile, you can choose it from this tab.

Google plus not connected
Using Upgrade to Google plus button you can change your default profile.

After upgrading, your profile will show in this tab. If you have any pages created with this account, these also will appear. You can associate the blog to a particular page or profile page using this option. Go to the corresponding blog’s dashboard and select the Google plus tab, then select the page. You can create pages by clicking on the create page link. You can choose to share your posts to Google plus by ticking the option.

Google plus not connected
You can associate the page or profile to the blog by just a click

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