Blogger users tend to make mistakes while selecting comments settings. If you have more than 5 comments per day (including spam) what should be your comment settings?. An analysis..

Who's Writing Comments On My Blog

If you don’t have 5 comments per day (including spam comments), please refer the comment policy – beginners’ guide.

Now you have more comments and this is the time to impose new regulations. Now you can filter “spam only” comments. The what??

There are two type of spam comments

We can categorize them too..

  1. Spam only comments:  Their real intention is to share some spam links and have a back link to their blog. Most of this type of spammers would be anonymous,( they are not going to use any account to comment on your blog). They will post some unrelated texts and some links..
  2. Spa comments: They will appreciate you for writing your great post and there will some spam links.

An example from my post how to remove attribution from blogger. The first one doesn’t have any relation with my content, but the second one appreciates my skill just to share their links.

Categories of spam comments
The first one is a spam only comment and second is a spa comment.

What should be your strategy and settings

Your strategy is simple. Tell them to log-in to any account before commenting.

Settings for log-in to comment

  1. Go to Settings > Posts and Comments section
  2. Under the Comments section, select Embedded for Comment location. If you use other options like pop up, there is a chance to change their mind. Laziness is an important villain.
  3. Select Registered User for Who can comment. This is the real change from the previous settings. Others should be same.
  4. Select Never for Comment moderation, (because we accept spa, the second category, comments)
  5. Select No for Word verification. (spa please :). )
Enable login option for comments in blogger
Turning ON log-in option to comment will reduce  ‘spam only’ comments

These settings will help you to reduce ‘spam only’ comments, yes, still some spammers will log-in to comment (An example is above). But it may reduce the total comments per day. In my case, On some days I didn’t get any comment. If you are so desperate to get comments, revert the settings back and wait till your comments/day count reaches 10, then do this again.
What do you think about the comments/day limit?
Next part: The more advanced comment policy guide is coming soon. If you didn’t read the beginner’s guide of comment policy, please read it first..
Image by Scott Beale

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