Last year, Blogger started to redirecting blogspot blogs to their country level domains names. Why they started this redirection and what are the affects?

Country level domain names

Last year Blogger started to redirecting blogspot domains to country specific domain names. For example, in India if an user tries to access, he will redirect to Google states the reason for this redirection in their support page.

We are doing this to provide more support for managing content locally. If we receive a removal request that violates local law, that content may no longer be available to readers on local domains where those laws apply.

From their words, we can understand what is their intention. They are trying to filter out some pages in some countries. That means, each blogspot blog has more than one domain name. In India, it will be and in Australia, it will be

How this is working

That is a temporary redirect called 302. It redirects the .com domain into the country specific domain(For example, in India it is .in). If you are outside India and you are accessing .in domain, you will directly go to the .in domain(Here there is no redirection to the country specific domain). That means, An Australian user can access the .in domain by just typing the address on the address bar.

How to bypass this redirection and access .com domain

An user can still access the blogs by appending ncr after the domain name. It is called no country Redirect(ncr). An example is

How it affect you

Users with custom domain names (like instead of address) don’t have to worry. They have only one domain. But blogspot domain users have some problems.

  • Each users have more than one URL (not two anyway, more than two). So search engine indexes every domains content. If someone links your country specific URL, search engines index that content too effectively making duplicate contents. Duplicate content is one of the bad method.
  • User widgets like Facebook like and twitter share won’t show correct share count. Since the country specific count is different, they can’t be added to the original count. So in each country the count will be different. If you are using Facebook commenting, the comment in one domain can’t be visible in other domains.
Google indexes two domain names for same blogspot
Google indexed both .com and .in domain names

Every problem on earth has solution, We just have to figure it out. I will come with the solution soon.. [Update] The solution for country specific redirection is now live..

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