Even if are excluding our visits using filters in Google Analytics, still some visits from Blogger previews are recorded wrongly. How to filter these preview visits?

We are using preview option while writing posts in Blogger. But the Google Analytics is recording our visits as valid visits, even if we are filtering our own visits.There are at least three types previews in Blogger, post preview, html preview and app mobile preview.
Post preview is generating while we are previewing our posts or pages and it will record from a weird domain name which starting with our Blog ID and large chunk of characters and will end with blogspot.com/b/post-preview?token=some_chunk_characters. The weirdest thing is it is generating from a blogspot domain even if we have a custom domain.

Post preview option in Blogger

The second and third types of previews Blogger Template section, html previews is generating from Template Edit preview(from Edit HTML section) and app mobile preview is from the Live on Blog section.

app preview on Blogger
Live on Blog section generates app mobile preview

Domain names recorded for each preview options

Post preview: BlogID_some_chunk_characters.blogspot.com/b/post-preview?token=some_chunk_characters
HTML preview:  BlogID_some_chunk_characters.blogspot.com/b/html-preview?token=some_chunk_characters
App mobile preview: We are seeing this on Blogger. So we can’t find the exact domain name. Any way it is ending with /b/app-mobile-preview?token=some_chunk_characters
All domain names have a common sub-directory, /b/. So we can filter previews using filters.

Google analytics app preview
App mobile preview recorded in Google Analytics

How to filter these previews in Google Analytics

  • Navigate to your Google Analytics account, Select Admin tab
  • Under Profiles, select your profile by clicking on profile name
  • Select Filters tab
  • Click on New filter
  • Give filter name as you like
  • Select Filter Type as Custom filter
  • Select Exclude
  • Filter Field as Request URI
  • Filter pattern as /b/.*
  • Case sensitive as No
  • Save filter.
exclude blogger previews
Filter to exclude Blogger previews

Wait couple of hours to activate this profile. If you have encountered different type of preview option, let me know.. Leave your feedback in comments.

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