It is always good to take backup of your blog posts. In case of any problems like blog deletion and suspension, it will help you to retain the data.

Sometimes Blogger deletes blogs which are violating their terms of service. What if we are the victim of this deletion. Our entire work will be in vain. Taking regular backup will help you to retain and launch another blog using the same data.

How to take backup of your Blog posts

Taking backup is very easy.. Follow below steps.

  • First go to Settings > Other
  • Under the Blog tools, there is an option called Export Blog. Click on it, a popup box appears. Click on the download blog option.
  • A file saving dialogue will appear after some time, this will be a .xml file(atom format). Save it your hard drive. We can use this file for moving to other services like wordpress.
Blogger backup posts
Backup option in Blogger
blogger - saving backup
Download the backup and save it

How to restore posts from old backup

The backup files are named by their download date. So we can easily recognize the backup by date. The restoring backup is also very easy. Follow below step.

  • Go to Settings > Other
  • Under Blog tools, click on Import Blog
  • A popup appears, browse the backup file using the Browse and verify the captcha. If  you want publish all imported posts, check that option too. Now click on Import Blog.
  • You are done, you can go to posts section to see all your new posts.
restore blogger posts
Restore option in Settings
restore blogger posts
Browse the backup and verify captcha

This is a video tutorial on this topic:

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