Section ID or simply Id is an important variable used while styling your blog. Most of us are going to need this Id for changing styles or hide some sections. Here is how to find it..

Section Id or Id is useful for styling as I explained above. If you want to hide the sidebar, you need the sidebar’s section Id. How to find it out? It’s simple..
First let me assume that you are going to find out sidebar’s section Id.

    • First go to Layout
    • Click on the Edit of any sidebar widget
sidebar widget group
Click on the Edit of any widget
    • A popup appears, note down the address of that window. The address contains the part sectionId=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Now you can see what is section Id.
section id
The red part indicates section Id
  • In above picture, sidebar-right-1 is the section id of sidebar. You can find the section Id of header, content section and footer using the same technique.

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