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    Before registering domain name for blogger, you have to buy a domain name or use Google app to buy it. This tutorial is intended for those who already bought the domain name.

    If you purchased a domain name already, follow given steps.

    • First login to your blogger account and select your blog, go to Settings tab.
    • Under the publishing menu, your blog address would be there. Then click on add custom domain
    • Enter your domain name. You can use www or subdomain
    • You can buy a domain name from blogger or point your custom domain to the blog. For the second option (we are doing this option), click on Switch to advanced setting. Here we can enter our domain name (Example: www.yourdomainname.com), you can use a Subdomain also here(Example: foo.mydomain.com).

    • Then Save.
    Update: There is a possible situation here, A warning appears “Another blog or Google Site is already using this address.”. It’s because some had used this domain in the past. So you have to reclaim it. For that click on Settings instructions.  It will show necessary instructions to verifying the domain name. The steps for both reclaiming and new registrations are same (Please follow below steps, we have to add two CNAME Records).
    • Two CNAME records have to be added to your domain host. First is to ghs.google.com and second one is some long text ending with domainverify.googlehosted.com. Note down both, second one used for verifying your domain and first one is used for pointing.
      Two CNAME Records, note down it

      • Next is DNS Management in your domain hosting website. Go to Bigrock.com (or your hosting website) >>> Login to your account >>> Domain >>> List all orders. Click on your domain name.
      • Select Domain management. Click on CNAME Records. Add CNAME Record. Enter www as Host name. ghs.google.com as Value
      • Again repeat the step for second CNAME from the Blogger window which is ending with domainverify.googlehosted.com(I can’t list it here because this is different for all users).
      • Go back to Blogger windows and click Save.

      This part explains how to redirect naked domain(without www) to top level domain name(with www).

      • Next select A Records. Click on Add A Record. Leave blank for Host Name. Add following IP addresses one by one to Destination IPv4 Address(i.e, you have to add 4 A Records).

      IP Addresses :

      Everything is OK now,  wait for sometime. It may take couple of hours to spread your domain name across the web.

      Image courtesy : http://www.flickr.com/photos/28288673@N07/

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