How to remove default subscribe to posts(atom) feed link on blogger. We can permanently remove this link or we can hide using CSS.

How to remove subscribe to posts(atom) on blogger

Under every post on Blogger, there is a Subscribe to posts(atom) link. This link is a RSS feed subscription link. The default postion of the link is under the page navigation. Blogger has only the default text on their template.

In order to remove this link, we can use two methods. First method is the removal method and second one is the hiding method. Hiding one link in a page has effect on your search engine optimization. If a search engine finds a hided link on your blog, it will count you as a spammer. So avoid that method. Any way I am mentioning both methods.

Remove the link

As I mentioned before, this is the best method. Go to Edit HTML of your blog template, tick Expand Widget Templates and then find following code.(#)

<b:include name='feedLinks'/>

Delete the code from the template and save. Now check your blog.

Hide the link

This method has some effect on search engine optimization. If the above method is not working, use this method. We can hide any blocks using display:none. This method also using this technique.

Take Edit HTML and locate ]]></b:skin>. Add the following code just before to the above code.(#)

.feed-links{display:none !important;}

Now save the template and check your blog.

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