The new Blogger Template Editor is out. So everything gonna change. The tutorials too. In the new editor, we should use different procedure to find and replace code.

New template Editor

We always edit our template to tweak and beautify it. Most of the tutorials on internet show us how to do it. But in the new Blogger Template Editor, searching and finding the code is little bit different. Here it how.

How to find a certain code in the Template

For example, you need to find a code </head>, here is the procedure.

  • As always, Click on Template and then on Edit HTML.
  • Now you are on new Blogger Template Editor.
  • Click inside the Template Editor Window.(Important)
  • Now press Ctrl + F, a search box appears on top right corner.
  • Type or copy paste </head> inside this box, and press Enter
Finding a certain code in new Blogger Template Editor

If the code is not highlighted, there are some possible reasons..

Possible Mistakes

  • Search is appearing on Browser’s bottom side, near task bar: Reason is you didn’t click inside the Template Editor. Click on the code then press the search shortcut.
  • ┬áMy code is not highlighted: Either the code is not present (in present view, for widget editing procedure is different.) or you made mistake while typing.

Finding a Widget code

If you are searching for some widget code (For example, Header or popular widget) use the Jump to Widget option to find the widget section, click on the arrow button to expand the code.

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