Most of us don’t know about Blogger blog domain name(example: can be used to comment on other OpenID compatible websites including Blogger blogs. How to enable it and How to use it? Here it is..

Blogger as OpenId

Using OpenID we can comment on other blogs. Comment will recorded by your domain name. Most of us trying to get backlinks to their blog by commenting on other blogs. Use your domain name as OpenId. So this will not be marked as a spam comment.

How to check your blog is Open Id compatible?

It is simple, Just try to comment on other Blogger hosted blogs using your domain name. Follow below steps.

use blogger as openid
Step1: Select OpenID from the comment as drop down menu
use blogger domain name
Step 2: Enter your blogger hosted domain name. also compatible
Enter comment
Enter some comment and click on Publish

Account to login before comment
Login to your Google account. Already logined users will go to next step
confirm openid integration
Select Yes, always for to stop showing this window next time.
comment published as openid
Then we can see the comment is published.

For those who didn’t work as given above

Your template may be incompatible, do below template Edit

Template Edit – Default templates

Blogger default template template (one from Blogger directory), can check compatibility by searching for below code. If it is there then OK, otherwise add this after <head> tag.

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

Template Edit – Other template users

Other templates users can repeat the step above. But I won’t recommend to add above code because Blogger adds other meta tags which is already present in your template. This may cause SEO issues. So add below code after <head>.

<link href='' rel='openid.server'/>
<link href='' rel='openid.delegate'/>

Change the domain name to yours. Now your template is OpenID compatible.. Does it work for you? Give feedback..

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