What is the use of new custom redirects option in Search preferences of blogger. How this can be used for reducing your 404 errors and broken links.

404 error in blogger can be reduced using custom redirects

Blogger’s new features which helps to increase the search engine optimization of the your blog is here. With custom 404 page, robot.txt and individual robot tags, this also becomes one of the most needed feature in blogger. So what is the use of this feature?

This can reduce 404 errors

Most of us deletes some old posts because of some reasons, may be because it is outdated. That is good for great and updated content. Then what is the problem here?. Well, some other bloggers are linking to this page and some readers on their blog clicking on it. So there is no page in this name.
Here is the application of new custom redirects. We can redirect our deleted post or page address to the most recent/ most related content. The reader can’t see a 404 error. This will decrease your broken links in your blog. For SEO also, this is important.

An example for custom redirects

My old contact address was bloggerhow.com/p/contact-me_23.html. I don’t like numbers in my page address. So what I did is, I created new page address and redirected the old address to new bloggerhow.com/p/contact.html.

How blogger

Now I am redirecting old contact page to new contact page

How to access this feature

Goto Dashboard – Settings – Search preferences – Errors and Redirections – custom redirections. Click on Edit and enter your old URL in From box and new URL in To box. Enter your address without top level domain(i.e., without example.blogspot.com).

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