Blogger now allows to remove navigation bar. We don’t need to use our dirty CSS tricks to hide it any more

Remove attribution and navigation bar

From now on, we can remove navigation bar without using tricks. Blogger explicitly didn’t state about it. But it is available now.

How to remove navigation bar

Go to Layout and Click on Edit of Navbar. Select the Off option. Now it is turned off.

Remove navigation bar directly without any hack
Click on the edit and then select OFF to remove the navigation bar

What is the advantage of this removal

Previously, we were hiding the navigation bar using the display:none property or height:0. But that is a bad method since we are hiding some links. By removing directly, we can have this advantage and reduce the page size(slightly in some KBs, but that is not significant when Blogger is serving pages after compression). So remove your old hiding code or height 0 code.

Search for #navbar-iframe and remove that line. Complete code will be #navbar-iframe{height:0} or #navbar-iframe{display:none}. Remove it and enjoy.

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