In the footer of Blogger template, there is a home page link. Usage of that link is very rare. We can remove this link by a simple template edit.

Remove or hide home link from blogger template
The home link in the footer of blogger template is usually not useful because it is not in a important position. We can change the position of the link or remove that link from the template, if we want.

Previously Google had limits in number of links on a page. Now they lifted this limitation. But the home link is appearing more than once in a page. It is better to avoid duplicate links which are not relevant.

How to remove this link

Go to Template and Edit HTML, Tick on Expand Widget Templates.(#) (#) (#) (#)
Find the following code in the template using Find option.(#)

<a class='home-link' expr:href='data:blog.homepageUrl'><data:homeMsg/></a>

Delete and Save the template and verify the blog.
View the video tutorial

How to remove the home box

Some blogger templates contain a box with the home link and most of the readers are desperate to delete that too. I suggested to delete the box using some code, But I think it is impossible to delete that box, instead you can hide the box using the CSS trick.
Please find </head> in your template
Add following code just above the head tag.

<style type="text/css">
/* hiding home box link */
#blog-pager{display:none !important;}

So it will look like this

<style type="text/css">
/* hiding home box link */
#blog-pager{display:none !important;}

Save the template, you are done.

How to replace the home text with other text or image

Find this code in your template.<data:homeMsg/> replace with your own text. For replacing with an image, use this <img src="IMAGE_LINK"/>. Replace IMAGE_LINK with your image link.

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