Google short links helps to distribute and track statistics of tiny URLs instead of affiliate and long URLs. You can set up a shortening service on your domain using the service.

Google short links on Blogger

We often give affiliate links to other websites for maximizing our revenue. Blogger users cannot hide the affiliate link or shorten the link by hosting shortened URL on our own domain. But it is possible if you are a Google apps user, using Google short links.

If you don’t have a Google apps account and email on your domain, first setup a Google apps account and email on your domain.

Google short links( is a shortening service, it can be used to track number of clicks by visiting its dashboard. This service is also available for Google apps users in Market place. So users can add this service to their dashboard and change the giving URL according to their wish.

For example, my template can be downloaded from this link: This download is serving from Google code server and I am tracking this using the Google short links.

Google short links
Google apps Google short links dashboard

How to implement this

  • Go to this link and add the service to the Google apps.
  • Accept and tick license agreement and choose your web address. In my case it is
  • Go to your domain management control panel ( and Add following CNAME to the list as they instructed. Add value go and CNAME as
  • Now you can go to the dashboard by visiting

You can add the links on the dashboard. Don’t forget to tick public for public links. You can visit My Links section for status of old links.

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