The sitemap helps the search engine spiders to point out the links on our blog. But where is Blogger sitemap?. How to add it find by Search engine spiders?

Yes, Blogger has sitemap. It is an XML sitemap and its address is But we have to give this address to search engine spiders in order to start indexing and appearing on search results.

Limits of sitemap file

But the default sitemap contains only first 26 entries. So we need to tell them there are more than that. An example of this is given below. This points out first 500 posts and If you have more than that, we need to point that too. The second line indicates posts starting from 501. If you have more than 1000 posts, repeat the line by replacing the green colored 501 with 1001.

The limit on the number of post is not because of the number of link limits, but because of the size of the page. Single sitemap file should not be exceed 50MB. In order to limit the size to 50MB, you need to take care of following guidelines..

  • Go to Settings> Other
  • Under Sitefeed, Allow Blog feed should be Until Jump break. If you select full, there is a chance of exceeding the 50MB size limit.

How to add it Blogger blog

Blogger recently rolled out an update of robots.txt. From that update, we can edit this file. The search engine spiders first analyses this file contents. We can point our sitemap file here. This is a simple settings in Settings panel.

  1. First go to Settings> Search preferences
  2. Under the crawlers and indexing, there is a custom robots.txt option. Click on edit.
  3. Select Yes to Enable Custom robots.tx file. Add following code here
  4. User-agent: *
    Disallow: /search
    Allow: /
  5. Change the red colored domain name to your blog name. Then save changes. You are ready for the revolution.. Don't forget to check the number of posts and add number of sitemap links accordingly

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