Some useful websites for blogger hosted blogs.

I want to share some useful websites which can be used for your blog design. I used these websites after researching a lot. I think it is useful for you. They  includes placing some JavaScript  in your template code.

For adding Buttons for Sharing and Bookmarking Posts

  • Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz buttons – Visit previous post…
  • Stumble Upon, Delicious and Digg -Visit previous post…
For adding Polls
  • -This is a good website for creating polls and surveys for blogs and websites
For adding rating to Posts
For burning Feeds and email subscription
For adding Email forms

There are so many other services which can be used for embedding email forms in to blogs. These includes Google docs and zoho creator. But I used emailmeform because of its simplicity, also this is only for creation of email forms.

For analysing my visitors
  • Google Analytics – Excellent service of Google for analysing visitors,  Can analyse by country, source of entrance, pages/visit, more and more…

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