We can show up our profile in Google search results with our blog articles. This is done using authorship markup tag. Google introduced two methods to setup Authorship. We can setup authorship to multiple blog authors also.

Verify Google authorship, two methods

Google’s new authorship tag is a great tool for authority of you as an author. It finds articles written by you both in your blog and other blogs. All you have to do is, verify your authorship.
Authorship can be verified using two methods. First one is for those who having custom domain name. If you don’t have a domain name and you are writing in yoururl.blogspot.com address, use the second method.

Custom domain owners

For those who have a custom domain, the setting up of authorship is very easy. We need an email in our domain name. For example, authorname@mydomain.com. If you don’t have email in your domain name, register one using Google apps. It’s free up to 10 accounts.
Now go to Google plus authorship page and enter your email address there. Click on the verification email by going in to your inbox.

For using this method, you have to include author name as in Google plus profile name for every post. For Example, Mohamed Basheer is my Google plus profile name and blog author name. Both should be same.

This method will add your email address to the Work email section of your Google profile section. So instead of above method, you can manually add the email in your domain as Work email in your profile page.

For those who don’t have custom domain

For those who have blogspot address, the procedure is different. We need to edit use some HTML code for this purpose. If you have a link to your Google plus profile, you need to add ?rel='author' as given below. The green colored text should be added after 21 digit profile id.

<a href="https://plus.google.com/117639098085373720756?rel=author">Add to the circle</a>

Now login to your Google plus profile and click on Edit profile in the upper right corner. There is Contributor to option in right sidebar, click on it and add custom link. Add your website there and Save. Now click on Finished editing. Wait for some days to show up your profile photo in search results. It may take 7 days to appear.
You can check whether your settings are correct or not by testing in Google rich snippets testing tool. Enter your page address and check whether your profile photo is appearing or not.
You can view this tutorial as screen shots by clicking any of the above link.

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