Most of the newbie bloggers tend to make mistake while selecting comment options. A good policy helps to get higher number of comments.

Another Comment

Comments, comments and comments. That’s what a newbie blogger want to get on his initial days. For the first real comment, he need to wait one or two months. As the blog grows, number of comments increases and same case happens to the spam comments.

What should be our comment policy for the first few months

On first days, most of you will be OK with spam comments, but you won’t get it. You need some popularity level to get a spam comment. As your page rank increases, they starts to arrive. Accept them as they help to increase your comment count. After some months, you can delete these spams. Because some readers tend believe that comment count related to blog popularity. Sometime it is true, but not every time and they don’t want risk it.

Initial implementation should be like this..
  • Turn off comments till your blog reaches at least 100 page views a day. (you can use the blogger stats for this)
  • Turn on the comments for everyone for first few months till you get 5 comments per day.

How to do this

Turn off Comments

  1. Go to Settings > Posts and Comments section
  2. Under the Comments section, select hide for Comment location
Turn off comments blogger blogs
Turn off Comments

Turn on Comments for everyone

  1. Go to Settings > Posts and Comments section
  2. Under the Comments section, select Embedded for Comment location. If you use other options like pop up, there is a chance to change their mind. Laziness is an important villain.
  3. Select Anyone for Who can comment. Most of them are lazy to log-in, so keep anyone.
  4. Select Never for Comment moderation, (because we accepts spam comments)
  5. Select No for Word verification. (spams please :). )
Turn your comments on for everyone blogger
Turn on comments for every one – Open up

After some days, you should get more than 5 comments per day and most of them will be spam comments. Now it is the time to turn to advanced features. What do you think about this comment policy?

Image by @duncan
Second part: Comment policy – Advanced guide

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