Blogger stats also tracks the pageviews of your blog. But there is a difference in count between Blogger stats and Google Analytics. Why and how to correct.

Blogger stats is not correct

Blogger stats and Google Analytics page view counts are different. An example for my post, remove or edit home link is given below. This is a count of total number visitors in one week to this post. But both shows different number. Google Analytics shows a total of 171 views while Blogger Stats records 241 views. Why the Bloggers Stats is more than Google Analytics and who is correct?

Blogger Stats views are not correct
Blogger Stats records more views than Google Analytics

Why they are different?

The thread to the answer comes from Blogger in Draft’s introduction to Blogger Stats post. They are giving a clue about it. See..

Note that the pageview data in Blogger Stats and in Google Analytics may not be identical, due to different collection mechanisms used.

They mention about different mechanisms. That gives the clue. Google Analytics uses the cookie based tracking, that is some data called cookie are stored while someone visits your blog. They track real users and they can distinguish a bot (bots are the automated computer programs that visit your blog for indexing your data. That’s how Search engines are indexing data on their server).
But Blogger Stats uses an entirely different mechanism, they just tracks the page visits. These visits may be by you or a real user or a search bot or other automated spammers (Automated spammers also use bots to operate).  Blogger Stats count everything, so it is not real.

How to make it almost real?

There is a solution for that, not a perfect solution. Disable your own page views. It helps you to disable counting your page views on your own blog.

  1. Go to Stats > Overview.
  2. Select Don’t track my own pageviews
  3. On the popup window, select Don’t track my pageviews and Save
Enable don't track pageviews on blogger
Don’t track pageviews in Blogger stats

Is it correct now?

No, example is the above comparison between Analytics and Blogger Stats. I had enabled Don’t track page views options, still¬† there is a difference in count. Its because the search engine spiders and spammers, we can’t correct it.

Who can use it

For newbies, this method gives almost same value as their search engine update is not so frequent. But as their popularity increases, bots update their index frequently. So the Blogger Stats counts becomes different by a large amount. After reaching some 100 pageviews/day, you should shift to Google Analytics.
There is an upside too. If Blogger Stats is more, your confidence increases. This will help you in endeavor.
Who is the winner: without doubt, Google Analytics.

Image by Sean MacEntee

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