After registering an email account in Google apps, we can point to a custom domain This guide helps you to point the default Google URL to

How to access Google apps mail account using your domain

Google apps is providing 10 accounts free for every domain name. So it is very attractive to a blog owner. For a blogger, this service will not cost anything. We will get a mail in our domain name as we will get 10 accounts. But we need one, right?
After registering this account, we can point Google custom domain to our domain. Follow below steps..

  • First Login to your Domain hosting website. I am using
  • Go to DNS Management in your domain hosting website.
  • Select Domain management. Click on CNAME Records. Add CNAME Record
  • Enter mail as Host name. as Value.
  • Now go to your Google apps account >> Dashboard >> Email
  • Under the Web address, select change URL.
  • Select second option, enter and press Continue.

 Everything is configured now, wait some time to activate this. After some time, you can access your Google apps mail using
The same method can be used to point other services like Docs, Calendar etc to your domain.

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