Two absolutely free hosting services with premium features and this is NOT an affiliated post. They can be used to host self-hosted wodpress, forums, ecommerce websites etc..

Free hosting services

Everyone is seeing this type of posts in many blogs. Because they want to earn using affiliate link. Here I am going to introduce two new services (not for earning). Absolutely free, as far as I am tested. I felt absolutely true, that’s why I am sharing to you. I am hosting my personal blog in one of this service. Both hosts give most of the premium hosting features through their free hosting plan. Interestingly both of them don’t have paid premium features(there is a chance to introduce these). They are offering email hosting, PHP 5, MySQL 5 Database Server, FTP Access, Web File Managers,Custom Cron jobs, Web SSH console, .htaccess support, Hotlinking protection, Customizable Error Pages etc..

No. 1 is

I got the activation email after a while for this service(Now it is fast). Because they are giving limited accounts. After 1 or 2 months, I am happy to use their services. I am hosting my blog in this server. Good server, good speed. Just like a paid host. View their features..

No. 2 is

They are also good, but I will give them only second preference. In this host, we have to use the registered blog at least a month. Otherwise they will issue a warning email, eventually they will delete the blog. So visit your blog at least once a month. Their service is good, this host also has good speed, no ads and another free host giving paid features. You may check their features by visiting this link..

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