We can show up author’s profile photo with search results. This is done using authorship markup tag. It is very easy to verify authorship of a blog. Here explains what is the importance of this tag?

What is Google authorship tag

Google recently introduced author tag. Author’s Google+ profile is used to identify the author and verify authorship. Google plus profile picture and name is visible through search results next to blog articles.

What is this Author tag

It is a method to identify who is the author of this article. Google can identify the author by using this tag and it will link the indexed page with your Google+ profile.

How does it help you?

You are linking your each article with your Google profile page. Is there any advantages by doing that?. Well, yes…

You are the author

You are the author of your article, not the spammer( who copied your article). Google will identify the real author by linking author’s article with his profile page. It helps to identify the real author from spammer. This is the Google’s new way of fighting against spammers.

keep out of spam in google search results
Google’s another way of fighting with spammers


Google is giving authority to your content. Readers will distinguish you and they can read your other articles. It’s a way of validating your article.

More followers

They can easily follow using Google profile which is showing with search results.

Quality content

You are assuring quality content to your readers. Consider a case, you are searching something in Google and getting some results which include results with author’s name and picture and without name and picture. Which one will you choose?

build and link quality content for more followers
More followers is proportional to Quality content

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