UPDATE: Google stopped this service… 🙁
UPDATE: From 19 May, Google Wave is open for all…

What is Google Wave?
We can say that it is a next generation email protocol currently under development for Google. This will replace old protocols and the result is a new dominance theory in email world for Google. Google is trying to dominate everywhere including OS. It seems that this is the Google’s new movement against other giants.

The components of Google wave resembles many other programs in internet. The wave, document which can be edit and share resembles wiki’s. Blips, personal replies, resembles conventional chatting. Starting of a new wave is like a thread in forum.  That means this is an integration of several tools like wiki or webpage editor, GTalk and many others. Embedding media content makes it as a blog post.

Who will use GWave and its future?

It can be useful from online editors to a community of friends. Community building and sharing will become more easy. With the integration of almost all web applications, the surfing will become very fast. 

  • Development of new protocol which meant to replace conventional email protocols is underway.
  • Integration of many web applications in to a common platform is the Google wave.
  • This will strengthens the dominance of Google in www world.

PS: Those who are not familiar with Google wave, visit these pages..

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