Import the whole email contacts, social profiles from Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn to your email account using simple tips. Find one person’s Facebook, twitter and  other accounts. You need to register one account and import the whole contacts to this account. After importing contacts from each account, the whole list can be exported to your email. Here is how…

First go to and create an account. If you already have an account, login. Now go to Connect to Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. It will take sometime to sync your contacts with Gist.

After completing import, go to Select all contacts and then click export. It will ask for confirmation. Press OK.
Check your email. An email attaching your contacts will be arrived. If it is not reached, wait for some time. It takes time according to your contact list contents. Download the attached VCF file.
Now go to Gmail contacts, then More and select import. A window will open, browse the file and upload. Your are done.

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