Offline blog editor is an essential tool for a blogger. Some of the important reasons are discussed here.

  • Blogger never have to depends on internet speed and other speed regulating factors
  • Can embed videos and images
  • Easy upload of images and videos to the webhost
  • Tagging is easy for digg, technorati and similar services
  • Can change time stamp of publishing to an earlier time
  • Categorizing is easy
  • Can check preview before publishing
  • Can view and edit html code
  • Availability of good plug-ins
  • Can support multiple blog accounts
  • Font alignment other font editing features (of course, it is necessary)
  • At last, of course , its cost

Best one

It is very difficult to say which is good. Windows live writer is optimized with almost all blog services. Also it has a wide collection of plug-ins. Also Blogdesk is a good one, which is optimized for WordPress. There is a Firefox extension named Scribefire which can be used for multiple accounts and multiple account publishing. These blog editors are free to download and use.

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