We are installing addons for additional functionalities of browsers. The same functionality can be implemented using scripts. Then what is the difference between these two? Which is more advantageous?…

Both methods have some advantages and disadvantages. Installing addons in a browser is easy as compared to the second method. For installing an addon in Mozilla Firefox browser, go to Tools >>> Addons. Search library, find it and install it. This method is easy. As the number of addons increases, the real problem starts. Firefox becomes slow. It needs more time for loading. Another problem is updating addons. For each version of browsers, we need to update the addon also.

By using scripts, these problems can be solved. User can select and install scripts. But they will not affect loading time. These scripts would be active only for the specified website. Otherwise it would be in sleep state. There is no more update for each version of browser. We may need update the script, but that is independent of browser version. But finding and installing scripts is difficult, this is the disadvantage. 
The scripts are managed and installed using another addon. One is called GreaseMonkey, that is for Firefox. Install it by going this link. For chrome you need another extension instead of Grease Monkey. Its name is Tampermonkey. Use Trixie for Internet Explorer. These all are different addons but gives same functionalities.
Next step is, finding scripts. Scripts can be found at userscripts.org. Visit this site, search and find many scripts. Say good bye to the addons..

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