Do you have a large inbox, so many unread emails? It is common to have a large collection of unread emails.The unread email count going up and up again? But you want to make your inbox a light weight. How is that possible? Do you want to mark  all unread emails as read? What if you want to delete emails in a date range. Here is the solution for all problems..

Step 1. Login to your Gmail account. You are in inbox now. Go to the search box. Type given as below.

is:unread before:YYYY/MM/DD after:YYYY/MM/DD

Replace YYYY with year, MM with 2 digit month and DD with day. Please be careful when you are entering date. It should be in this format. If you want to delete whole unread emails, you can use “is:unread” alone also. This will show the entire unread emails in your inbox. “before” helps to show emails before a date specified with it. For example, before:2011/12/31. It will show emails which are before December 31,2011. “after“shows emails which are after the specified date.
Step 2. Then press search button. All your unread emails in the specified date range will show up. Tick the box as shown in below figure. This will selects all emails in this page. But we have large number of emails, Gmail only shows less number of emails in one page.
Step 3. In order to select all emails, click on “Select all conversations that match this search” link which is just above your first email. Now all your specified emails are selected.
Step 4. Now do your final step. Click on delete icon on the tab below search bar. If you want to mark as read, you can do it by clicking “More” button and select mark as read. Now do whatever you want.

Steps for deleting unread emails of a specific date range in Gmail

The same method can be used to delete all read emails and spam. Search is:read or is:spam instead of is:unread.
Vie the tutorial in YouTube.. What are your comments about this tip?

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