Many individuals and organizations are spending huge amount for automating their operations online. Electronic-signature is one of those methods. This article discusses what is an electronic-signature, how they are helping businesses to save time and what are benefits of using them…

What is an electronic-signature?
Signing online documents, how? why?

What is a signature? The signature is some depiction we put on documents as a proof of identity. It helps us to identify the document’s authority. So what about online documents? I am sending a document to my boss, how can he verify that the document is not altered? Here electronic-signature comes in to picture. They helps you to confirm your authority just like handwritten signatures. Then what are the advantages? If a document has to be signed by more than one person, there would be a delay because of tedious paperwork. It is common that a company needs to route a document that requires authentication from multiple officers or customers. The document has to be printed and mailed to the other persons, he then signs and return it. Paperwork wastes precious business hours. Instead of paper, we can send this document online and he can sign it by using electronic-signature and return it online. This will help organizations to make transactions instantaneous. By enabling a fully automated workflow, organization can save money and time. Another big advantage is no more paperwork. This is can be used for formal processes.This method is approved by laws, so they can be used in disputes as a proof, just like normal paper documents. Also vendors allow users to store the documents in an online secure archive. It is more than a paper based evidence. Vendors normally records web screens presented during an online transaction. So this is more than a normal signature. This is why most organizations are implementing e-signatures for a paperless world. Many companies and individuals are coming in to this method because of its advantages over hard copy method. To compete in the present scenario, every organization has to implement better methods. The world is changing from Laptop age to tablet age, online document’s importance is going to be high and security too..

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