Internet life without google search is becoming impossible now.Here is some important cheats which can be used for search for better result and filtering. Here some important

Must know cheats for Google Search


  • Are you searching for a specific document type?

Use “filetype” operator for searching specific files like doc, pdf etc.

For example:- nasa filetype:pdf

  • Are you searching in a specific website?

Is any website search doesn’t give you the perfect result?. Use google search  instead. Use “site” operator for this purpose. This will give the results from the specified website.

for example:- Google

  • Want to know correct time of your city?

use “time” operator with your city name in Google search box.

for example:- time Delhi

  • You don’t have a calculator or want a fast calculator?

You can use google search instead of clculator. It will do simple mathematical calculation to advanced scientific calculation for you. It will do scientific calculations like sin, cos ,tan etc. and logarithmic calculations in any base like log, ln etc. Also it can calculate square root of a perfect square( use sqrt) , nth root of imperfect square and factorial of a number(use !)

examples:- 19+17-(25*6)

sin 90



  • Want to convert one unit to another?

Use your google search for your unit convertion. It can convert currencies, scientific units and many more.

for example:- 90 degrees in radians

100 rupees in dollars

  • Want to know meaning or spelling of a word?

Use “define” for definitions of a word. Search the word you want spelt, Google will give you the correct spelling by asking “Did you mean: ”

try:- wallk

  • Want to filter your results using specific words?

When you use two words in Google, it will give results which contains each of these words and both of them. Do you want only results with both words? Use operator “AND” or “+” in between them.

try:- vice AND president

If you want results with any of these words, use ‘”OR”.

try:- car OR auto

If you want to search a complete sentence, use quotes.

try it:- “Indian vice president”

Want to omit some words from results, use “-”.

try:- auto – car

Want to search similar words, use “~”

try:- ~car

Want to try a wildcard search, use “*”

try:- beautiful *

Want to search between number ranges, use “…”

try:-  DVD 200$…520$

Want to search between two dates, use daterange. Date must be in Julian format.

try:-  google daterange:2453006-2453371

  • Try to find someone’s phone number?

Use “phonebook” with name

try:-  phonebook:Anil

  • Want to know present weather?

Use “weather”

try:-  weather:Delhi

Like above, there are so many key words like weather, stocks, link etc. The above list contains most important tricks only.


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