Google Webmaster tools is one of the bloggers’ important tool. Why this is important in search engine optimization. Here is why..

Google is the leader

According to many web statistics websites, Google is the leader in the search engine market. The StatCounter global statistics on January 2013 is given below. They takes users in the last year for their stats calculation. Google has more than 80% share in their stats.

What is Webmaster tools?

Your blog on Web

The Webmaster tools gather information regarding your website such as top search queries that shown your website as results, keywords on your blog, links to your blog from other blogs, internal links, external links and even subscriber stats. They will provide you detailed reports on each and every aspects of your blog.

Error tracking and diagnostics

Another most important feature of Webmaster tools is the diagnostics section. It will help you to point out what is wrong with your website, measure to correct this type of errors. This includes crawl statistics and not found errors. They points out each and every error and we can correct it to make our blog a most search engine friendly website on the web.

The introduction video by Google about Webmaster tools explains it in very simple manner.. see

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